Portraits (commissions)

it is my passion to capture the personality and the charisma of the persons painting their portrait on canvas or drawing it on paper. 

My favorite techniques are oil painting oe charcoal drawing. Normally their size is between 60 x 80 cm and 40 x 50 cm. For commissions I may work with fotos , when my clients do not have the time to sit model. The pictures which I take personally, serve as a visual aid. In that case they model for me, so to speak,  instead of the person. 

My way of painting is completely free. I use traditional techniques, which i have learned in Florence, Italy, where I have lived and worked as restorer and painter for many years. For the process of the portrait it is important to me, to get to know the character personally and to get a feeling for his/ her personality. 


Please, feel free to contact me for any information and prices. 

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