born 2.27.1967 in Hamburg, Germany

Born:   02.27.1967 in Hamburg, Germany

Specialization in life drawing and portrait-painting at the studio of Charles Cecil, ( Florence, Italy,  1993-1994

1995-1997  Diploma: Three-year course in restoration of polychrome wood sculptures  and specialization at the Opificio delle Pietre Dure, (Institute for art restoration of the it. government in Florence, Italy), Jan. – July 1998,with following working experience as a restorer until August 2001

Sept. 2001 – March 2002 Restoration works in the museumLiebieghausin Frankfurt , Germany 

Since 2002          Activity as a  painter focussing on portraits  in Frankfurt, Germany living of portrait commissions.

2004                    Exhibition, „Portraits“, In „Zierwerk Pape“ in Königstein, Germany 

2006                    Exhibition „Paintings and Drawings from Everyday Life“, „Nebbinsches Gartenhaus“, Frankfurte Künstlerclub

2004 – 2008         Group exhibitions in german area 

2006 – 2013         Studio in Mato Fabrik in Offenbach 

March 2009          Exhibition „Looks“ , Short Night of Galleries + Museums at AIDS Foundation Wiesbaden

Aug./ Sept.           „Hessiale 2009“ in Congressparc Hanau (state exhibition of Hesse of selected artists of the hessian BBK associations )

27.5.2011             Exhibition Opening  „human beings & still lives“, at art association „Höchst Bolongaroe.V.“

Since Dec. 2013   Studio at Atlerierfrankfurt

2013/14/15           Portrait commissions from the “Polytechnische Gesellschaft”  Ffm 

2016                      Group exhibition „100 Köpfe“ (100 Heads) at Die Galerie, Grüneburgweg 123, Ffm

2016                      Group Exhibition „Hünfeld + 100“ at Museum Modern Art Hünfeld in Hünfeld 

2017                      Group exhibition „human being“, b.k.i,  (bewohnte Kunstinstallation-Sandip Shah) 

2018                       Group exhibition „Ware Kunst bis 600 € “, b.k.i., (bewohnte Kunstinstallation-Sandip Shah)

2018                       Exhibition „Portraits“ , Augustinum, Bad Soden

2019                       Portrait commission from the “Polytechnische Gesellschaft“, Ffm  

4.5. -4.18.2019       Exhibition „Anerkennung #01“ , Ausstellungsraum Eulengasse

5.16. – 6.6.2019     Group exhibition „Du sollst Dir kein Bild machen. Portrait“, Atelierfrankfurt, curated by Johannes Kriesche und Martina Elbert  

9.10. – 9.30.2019   Group exhibition  „Gemischte Gefühle“ , IFB – Stiftung, Stadtmuseum am Markt Wiesbaden

2.29. – 3.25.2020    Group exhibition  „Gemischte Gefühle“, IFB – Stiftung, Kunstverein Familie Montez

2020/2021               Group exhibition „Projekt: Safehouse“ , b.k.i. (Bewohnte Kunstinstallation-Sandip Shah)

15.5. – 26.5.2021     Soloshow „PleinAirs and Stil Lifes“ , Gallery Textor 74, Frankfurt (Germany)

18.2. – 6.3.2022       Group exhibition “Here We Are”,  Kunstverein Familie Montez  

5.6. – 16.6.2022       Soloshow “PleinAirs and Still Lives”, Gallery 74, Frankfurt (Germany)

30.6.2022              Exhibition  “Portraits Of My Blind Friends”, inclusion event “Perspektivenwechsel”,

                              Frankfurter Stiftung für Blinde und Sehbehinderte, Polytechnische Gesellschaft Frankfurt am Main,

                             Historic Villa Metzler, FFM

9.9. – 3.10.2022        Exhibition „Portraits – Spiegel der Seele?“, Kunstverein Familie Montez Ffm


FeuilletonFrankfurt  FAT – Frankfurter Ateliertage 2014 (3)

FeuilletonFrankfurt Kunstwerk der Woche

FeuilletonFrankfurt  Open Studios 2017

FeuilletonFrankfurt  Ausstellung “Gemischte Gefühle” , Familie Montez/ IFB Stiftung